Horizontal Stripes – Before and After!!

I have been talking for a while about making some changes to our guest room. I have so many ideas in my head for this space and I am super excited to cross one job off the list! I wanted to add two horizontal stripes to the bed wall, making this the focal point in the room. The space was already painted Yarmouth Blue by Benjamin Moore. While reading Sherry’s blog a while back, she added two, wide horizontal stripes to a friend’s master bedroom wall and I loved the outcome. I love a quick project with big impact, so I knew I wanted to try it! I decided to use some extra trim paint we had lying around and added two creamy white stripes to the blue wall:

My wonderful husband did all of the measuring and prep work, and I came in and painted! Our ceiling in this room is about 8 ft, so the stripes measure at about 18-19 inches wide. We wanted all of the stripes (both blue and white) to measure the same width, so that is how we came up with this number. After using a level and some painter’s tape, the stripes were ready to be painted! I ended up doing about 3 coats to cover the blue completely. After taking off the painter’s tape, there were minimal touch ups, but no big deal! I started taking off the tape while the paint was still a bit wet, so the tape wouldn’t rip off the dry paint. (It has happened to me in the past, and I learned my lesson!) So here are some before shots with the tape up:

And one with the stripes painted (only 2 coats at this point):

And a couple more afters:

I wanted the paint to completely cure and dry before putting the headboard back and the rest of the room together. The room still needs some art on the wall, throw pillows on the bed and some extra jazz in the space! Stay tuned for a completed guest room!

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