How to Style Your Shelves

Shelf styling is something I always work on… for me, it takes some time with editing. I have to look at it, walk away, come back to look again… it’s a process for me. I think that beautiful shelf styling is an art and a beautiful way to express your personal style. There are so many ways to style shelves: the main focus can be for organization, or just a place to display treasures and finds. Here are some inspiring ways to style shelves, all via Pinterest.

I love the detail added to the last image- painting the back of the shelves a different color is a great way to add more style to the space and help to bring in an accessory color. It also allows the items on the shelves to pop against the different color. I also love the idea of adding a mirror or artwork somewhere on or inside the shelves. It’s a creative way to add some different elements to the mix! I have also loved using the shelf space for extra pillows. There are so many gorgeous pillow fabrics out there that look like a piece of art. Why not display them where all can see! And here is my interpretation of shelf styling- these shelves are in our guest room. After some editing, here is where we are now-

What do you like to add to your shelves?

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