The Evolving Style

When I say that your decor tastes will change– I say that from personal experience.  When I was younger, I loved contemporary design.  I remember driving by a very modern house, and thinking it was my dream home!  When I went away to college, I loved everything that was cheetah or leopard print!  I had leopard print curtains, pillows- you name it!  When I got married to my wonderful husband, I introduced him to my love of shabby chic!  Everything in our apartment was yellow, cream or pink!  The couches were slipcovered white and there were floral prints on the walls.  After realizing it might be too much for us, the style in our home turned more primitive, early Americana.  We shopped at small shops and found more masculine colors and early American folk style pieces.  And as we get older and our taste evolves, we are now at the current style, which is a return to modern.  We like a more simple, contemporary look, with a blend of traditional elements.  The mix of old and new, traditional and modern is the perfect match for us!  Over time, your style will evolve and new pieces will come into your home and mix with the wonderful things you already have.  It’s an everchanging process, and we’re along for the ride!

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