When thinking of ways to make your home reflect your stlye, inspiration can come in many forms.  If you love the outdoors and nature, simply going outside for a walk can become a great way to begin!  There are so many beautiful colors outside during the seasons, from which to draw inspiration.  My favorite season for design is fall.  I love the colors of the leaves when they turn bright orange and golden brown.  The rustic look of the brances is a great textural inspiration.  I like to think of pairing a rustic dining table with more modern chairs, as a way to mix the old and new.  Another great nature walk is to the beach.  The colors of the water and sand can be so soothing and relaxing.  Great colors to have in the restful places in your home.  
Inspiration can also come from the people in your life.  When family pictures surround you, your home instantly becomes a relaxing story of your life and the people in it.  My family inspires me, because they challenge me to be creative in the ways we organize our life and how we can all have a design voice.  My mom has always been a great inspiration to me, because she has a great way of combining different styles and making them work.  She has always said and this is so true, that “if you find something that you love, you can make it work in the space.”  It goes back to pairing your favorite things with what inspires you!  Enjoy the nature walks and the people in your life!   

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