Curtains are the ballgowns for our windows

There are curtains in our living room that puddle on the floor about an extra 6 inches!  That might sound crazy and unnecessary, but I actually did this on purpose.  When purchasing these curtains to fit our windows in our new home (5 years ago), I thought they looked like a fabric for a dress.  I really became inspired by french decor, which can be oppulent and fabric heavy.  When I was watching decorator Sarah Richardson on HGTV, she described puddled silk fabric as the ballgowns for your windows!  I thought, that’s it!  What a perfect description.  I thought about Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and how her elegance in fashion and style can also transcend to interior decor!  Even a small statement in a room, such as curtains, can become such a focal point.  It can be the icing on the cake, or the little black dress of the room.  Small changes can actually create big impact.  So, if you hang your curtains and realize they’re too long- leave them!  And enjoy the puddle!

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